Cade’s Dare

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He’s wanted her for years, loved her for years, avoided her for years, but now Cade Benson is ready to claim Grace Montgomery. She’s his one, or more accurately, their one—if only Mace will commit.

A future that doesn’t include sharing Grace makes Cade break out in a cold sweat. Desperation makes him issue a challenge. Take her with me once, I dare you.

Mace has every intention of refusing, but one look at Grace after a night spent with Cade and there’s no way he can deny himself, not when he’s craved her sweet submission for years. He’ll take Cade’s dare, gambling he can survive the misery that’ll come afterward—when he walks away for his brother’s sake.

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Now Available, the sequel to INKED MAGIC!

The righting of an ancient wrong. A future foretold. The bands tattooed around her wrists are laced with a dragon’s green and more, destiny preordained…

Mind Thief. Gift Thief. Feared for an ability to seize another’s thoughts and powers with a touch, San Francisco tattoo artist Etaín is such an elf—and the time has come for her to learn it.

Close to the transformation and about to discover her place in a supernatural world, Etaín once thought intimacy and permanence were impossible. Now she’s bound to Cathal, the son of an Irish mobster. And claimed by Eamon, an Elven lord with powerful gifts of his own.

Eamon is determined to keep her safe—from others as well as herself. But a quest for justice is more than it seems, leaving their future to hinge on choice and magic. On promises made and dangerous bargains.

RT Book Reviews gave INKED DESTINY 4 stars and said: “Emotionally complex characters and rich details make for fascinating reading, and fans will no doubt delight in this continuation of a seductive and suspensful series.”