Josiah’s Bride

JosiahsBride375Book #2 in The Warrens.

Drawn to Josiah’s strength and the heat in his eyes, Ella enters the violence-filled warrens burdened by a secret yet buoyed by hope. In a place where loyalty is everything and the price of betrayal is death, she’s determined to make a life for herself and mother the son who is the reason for her marriage.

But when Josiah takes a dangerous prisoner, the happiness that’s finally within reach is threatened by the sister whose place she took—when the warlord demanded a bride.

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ElianasWarlord250Driven to escape an impending marriage to one of the elite, Eliana flees New San Jose. But in the violence-filled warrens surrounding the walled city, her path crosses Jaxon’s. With a touch and the sound of his voice, he makes her burn.

He’s the ultimate alpha male. The ultimate power in his territory. The ultimate threat to her freedom. He’s warlord and for him, I want and I’ll have are indistinguishable.

One look at Eliana and Jax won’t be denied. She might be running from another man, but in his warren, the only law that matters is the law of possession. And he intends just that, full possession—even if she’s trouble, the kind of trouble he might have to kill for, or die for.

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MallorysHunt375Caleb North just needs to survive one last undercover assignment. He’s been sent to infiltrate what he believes is a vigilante group. To do it, he’ll have to get close to Mallory Cassel. But there’s a fine line between close and too close. He shouldn’t want her, but he does. She shouldn’t allow him into her life, but has no choice.

Mallory is hunting a man who molests and kills young girls—girls who look like her sister. She’s trying to outrun her destiny as judge, jury and executioner, but holding on to her humanity isn’t a sure thing. It’s not even a likely one, not when her Reaper Lord father has plans for her.

Reaper Hounds. Death Hounds. Hellhounds. The myths don’t get it right.

They’re all killers. Or killers in training.

And if Caleb’s not careful, he’s going to be on the receiving end of Hellhound justice.

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