Who’s Sleeping With Who

One Man/One Woman

Lyrael’s Sacrifice
Winter Dragon
Crime Tells: Lyric’s Cop
Crime Tells: Cady’s Cowboy
Crime Tells: Cole’s Gamble
Supernatural Bonds: Trace’s Psychic
Supernatural Bonds: Sophie’s Dragon
Supernatural Bonds: Dragon Mate
Supernatural Bonds: Conner’s Wolf
Supernatural Bonds: Dragon Games
Supernatural Bonds: Dragon Master
Supernatural Bonds: Dylan’s Witch
Thunderbird Chosen: Spirit Flight
Carnival Tarot: Sarael’s Reading
Carnival Tarot: Dakotah’s Reading
Matched by the Fates: Death’s Courtship
Ghostland (Berkley)
Spider-Touched (Berkley)
Healer’s Choice (Berkley)
Angel-Claimed (Berkley)
The Warrens: Eliana’s Warlord
The Warrens: Josiah’s Bride
Supernatural Ops: Dragon’s Flame

Menage a Trois – MFM

Elven Surrender
Fallon Mates: Binding Krista
Fallon Mates: Zeraac’s Miracle
Fallon Mates: Roping Savannah
Forbidden Fantasies anthology (Pocket/EC): First Sharing (Fallon Mates)
Supernatural Bonds: Storm’s Faeries
Crime Tells: Calista’s Men
Healing Seduction (Crime Tells world)
The Angelini: Skye’s Trail
The Angelini: Mystic’s Run
Inked Magic (Berkley)
Inked Destiny (Berkley)
Crime Tells: Cade’s Dare
Tales of the Adjaran: Kam and Dak

Menage a Trois – MMF (includes male on male interaction between the main characters)

The Angelini: Syndelle’s Possession
Thunderbird Chosen: Spirits Shared
Familiar Pleasures
Carnival Tarot: Kiziah’s Reading
The Joining
Passion’s Song
Supernatural Bonds: Drui Claiming
Fallon Mates: Zoë’s Gift
Matched by the Fates: Divine Redemption
Ride to Ecstasy
Vampire’s Companion (the Angelini story world)
Crime Tells: Madison’s Quest

Gay – M/M

Thunderbird Chosen: Two Spirits
Fallon Mates: Daamon’s Choice


Supernatural Bonds: Demon Familiar (M/M & M/F)—one main character shapeshifts between male/female forms