Ride to Ecstasy

The rights to this story have reverted! I’ll be republishing it at some point in the future, probably with a new story set in the Adjaran world.

A desperate escape from the water planet of Quamar lands Karena on Adjara, a closed desert world where the scarcity of women means each has at least two mates. It’s her face lovers Zyan and Kaeden see when they undertake a vision quest to find the female meant to be theirs.

Aroused beyond measure, awed at discovering she can communicate with horses, they’re more than ready to stake their claim in a carnal sharing of pleasure. But while capturing her body and enslaving it with passion is easy, happiness will depend on capturing her heart—and making her a willing prisoner to destiny.

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Kaeden’s cock was rock hard and had been since the moment the oasis had come into view. Thoughts of the joining vision and the possibility of adding a female were responsible for the state of his arousal, but only in part.

He always anticipated those moments when responsibility fell away and he and Zyan could make love. And it was love, a fierce claiming of heart and soul and body.

Kaeden rubbed the place over his heart. Though he wanted a woman, wanted children of a shared mate, he worried at how it would change things between Zyan and him.

Despite Zyan’s confidence, there was no guarantee a woman would be shown to them in their vision. And even if one was, they couldn’t be certain of convincing her to return with them.

Kidnapping was an option. There were no laws requiring a woman be willing when it came to bringing her back to Adjara. But change didn’t come easily to him, and the thought of forcing an unwanted one on a woman didn’t sit well, even though he couldn’t think of a single female who wasn’t happy with the men who shared her, or with the life she’d found with them on this world.

“You worry too much,” Zyan said, his face only inches away and still hidden except for his eyes and a narrow swath of skin.

He’d moved closer while Kaeden was distracted by his thoughts. And now Zyan’s nearness guaranteed there would be no return to them—not for a while.

Kaeden’s cock pulsed and his testicles felt heavy and full. His nipples were hard points in anticipation of having Zyan’s mouth on them. It wasn’t part of the bet, but Zyan never went directly to his knees, not when it came to delivering on a promise of oral sex.

“Time to pay up,” Kaeden said, voice husky.

Zyan laughed. “Like this? With all this material between us?” His fingers zeroed in on Kaeden’s tight nipples. “It’s your choice, I guess. You’ll soon be the one on his hands and knees.”

Kaeden moaned with the first squeeze. Pain and pleasure, desire and need comingling as fire streaked downward to his cock.

The muscles of his abdomen went taut and his breath grew as short as the mare’s had been. “I can wait a few minutes before you make good on the bet.”

“I thought you might.” Amusement shone in Zyan’s eyes.
Wordlessly they crossed to where the saddles lay on the sand, bedrolls still tied to their cantles. With quick movements they created a soft place to linger in comfort beneath the shade of the date palm.

Robes fell away at the edge of the bedding, revealing tanned skin and hardened bodies. And like all the men on Adjara, arms marked with tribal tattoos, the tracing of lineage along with words and symbols denoting personal accomplishments.

Though he’d seen Zyan naked at dawn, before they’d dressed and sought out the mystic, Kaeden still paused to look at his lover, to appreciate his sheer masculine beauty.

Zyan’s hair flowed down his back in rich shades of brown. His muscles were a sleek, smooth flow uninterrupted except for the tuft of pubic hair, and beneath it, a rigid cock.

Zyan’s hand dropped to his organ and he began masturbating. Fist moving up and down on his shaft. “Put your mouth on me. Suck me.”

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“If you love M/M, Zyan and Kaeden seriously steam up the pages, both before and after finding Karena.”

— Chris, Night Owl Reviews

“RIDE TO ECSTASY is fantastic. Intrigue, smuggling, racing, and a wild escape are just the beginning to Karena’s adventure.”

— Stacey, Siren Book Reviews

“RIDE TO ECSTASY is a fun and quick romp.”

— Sarah Silversmith, The Romance Readers Connection

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