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Bonus Content! Included with this novella-length story are previously published short stories Passion’s Song (Ellora’s Cave, Jewels of the Nile III anthology) and The Joining (Ellora’s Cave, Dreams of the Oasis I anthology). Please be aware that both short stories include male-male sexual interaction.

* * * Kam and Dak * * *

On the harsh desert planet of Adjara, Kam and Dak have little hope of acquiring a mate—until Naya arrives with her brother. Thinking she and Warrick are smugglers, they agree to a bargain.

But Naya is no smuggler, and she’ll do anything to save her brother’s life—including surrendering herself to Dak and Kam. But in trading her freedom for her brother’s health and escape from Adjara, she might well cost her two lovers everything they value.

* * * The Joining * * *

On the water world of Qumaar, Siria Chaton is a prisoner of her talent. With her credits dwindling, she has few options and little hope for a future. Until Jett and Mozaiic du’Zehren enter her life.

After five years of being a couple, Jett and Mozaiic have gained permission to add a third, a woman, to their joining. They can’t believe their good fortune when the woman assigned to them is a water diviner. Now if only she’ll accept them as lovers and come home with them to the forbidden desert planet of Adjara.

* * * Passion’s Song * * *

On the desert world of Adjara, being allowed to claim a woman and bring her home is an honor afforded only to those paired males who have already proven themselves useful to the tribe. For Raeder and Haven du’Faerin, it’s a dream come true when they’re given permission to go to Iyon and bring back a gifted flute-player named Aria.

Aria’s life on the mining world of Iyon is harsh. Her future is made bleaker when her father gambles her away in a dice game. Refusing to accept a prostitute’s fate, she flees into the night—and ends up in Raeder and Haven’s arms.

They’re a fantasy made flesh—or a nightmare waiting to happen. After a night of unparalleled pleasure, she learns of their origins and runs from them, only to realize she’s faced with a choice—listen to her heart, or to the rumors about the men who call the closed world of Adjara home.

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