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The High Priestess.
The Hermit.
The Wheel of Fortune.

The Lovers

A dream sent Kiziah to the carnival and the fortune teller’s tent. But it’s meeting Cable that will draw her into a world of vampires and those who serve them.

The High Priestess, The Hermit, The Wheel of Fortune might depict her past, her present, her future, but it’s Cable’s card, The Lovers, that holds the ultimate truth—a night spent together will lead to both of them being claimed by a vampire lover.

Please note: This story contains graphic male/male sexual interaction. A previous edition of this story was published by Ellora’s Cave. It has been extensively revised for this edition.

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Cable tried to work up some concern at the prospect of being lectured by the higher-ups in his order, including his father, and possibly being reduced to errand boy for a while—but couldn’t. Hard to care about that when the rest of his life was about to crash and burn, when things were coming to an end with Fane.

The fingers of future heartbreak reached back and jabbed him. Yeah, he’d get over the agony eventually. It was getting through it that he had to manage first.

He shouldn’t have gotten involved with Fane to begin with.

But I did.

And now Fane’s Transformation from dhampir to vampire was approaching. Cable had been around enough dhampirs to recognize it—even if he wanted to ignore it and pretend it wasn’t so close.

He could sense the restlessness in Fane. The Hunger. The Heat.

Fane had become aggressive in bed, insatiable, dangerous. Multiple times he’d avoided being bitten only because Fane was underneath him, tethered or with his face pressed to the mattress to maintain control.

Heated need shivered through Cable and his hardened cock licked across his abs. He wanted Fane’s fangs to pierce his throat, dreamed of the ecstasy of being taken while Fane fed, of taking Fane while being bitten.

It was madness. The consequences were serious for a padrall who became obsessed with that particular high. Nothing was as addictive as a vampire’s bite when the one being bitten was allowed to experience it without the fog of enthrallment.

There were brothels where padralls who’d succumbed to the lure and the addiction were kept to service vampires and dhampirs who preferred their prey aware. The fallen padralls were never trusted again because of what they might do if they found themselves repudiated or replaced. A large number of them committed suicide once their looks had faded and they were no longer favored by the men who visited the brothels.

He’d avoided Fane’s bite not just because of the possible consequences but because it would make him desire Fane more desperately.

What a dumb fuck. He should have stuck to women.

Cable closed his eyes and tilted his head back, wished the hot water could pound the desire for Fane out of him. He needed to put some distance between them. He needed to walk away from the relationship before Fane came to him and asked him to arrange for the creation of a kadine.

He hated that vampire practice. But who else would Fane trust with such an important undertaking?

And undertaking the task…

That would be a living hell, a hell that could extend for decades unless one of the women who were little more than breeders was selected.

Pain shredded Cable’s heart. Fuck.

Would Fane expect the two of them to stay lovers until Fane claimed his bride and sexually bonded with her as he turned her into his kadine? And then what? Stick around, helping them raise their children, aging quickly while they aged over centuries?

That was not going to be his future! He wanted no part of it. No part of any of it.

He hated the entire concept of creating future brides, these days using artificial insemination or in vitro fertilization, and then raising those girls to be the perfect match for the vampire who’d made the arrangement with the espandral order.

If he could abolish it, he would. But he’d never be powerful enough to change the practice. And he’d never be able to escape the padrall system.

His family and all the others had prospered and gained power with each generation, but their livelihood and survival were irrevocably tied to the vampire race. There was no breaking the bonds forged so long ago that there was no written record of it. Betrayal—on any level—was a death sentence.

So where did that leave him? If he could go back in time, he’d still say yes to Fane that first time, and the second, and the third.

He took his shaft in hand and Fane’s image was immediately there. Broad shouldered, chest and biceps and thighs muscled in the way of a major league baseball player, hair the same shade of brown as his own, growing lighter in the summer and darker in the winter. A mouth that knew how to deliver pleasure. A cock—

Cable moaned, pumped his hand up and down on his shaft. Fuck, he was horny.

The bathroom door opened and he knew without looking that Fane stood watching him through the glass shower stall door. He should turn his back, or smarter still, get out of the room and out of the house.

But he didn’t.

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“I have loved Ms. Strong’s work for some time now and, in my opinion, this book is one of her best yet. She does a fabulous job of showing the conflict between societal attitudes and the needs and desires of the three main characters. Anyone who enjoys stories of threesome and same sex relationships containing paranormal elements should run, not walk, to purchase this marvelous book. More CARNIVAL TAROT please!”

— Susan White, Coffee Time Romance Reviews

“Once again, Jory Strong delivers an entertaining tale. I enjoy Ms Strong’s books because they are character driven and this one is no exception. Cable, Fane and Kiziah are always the center of the tale and everything else that occurs just adds color and complexity. This book is a must read for anyone already following Ms Strong’s CARNIVAL TAROT series. Magic, vampires, and love… KIZIAH’S READING has it all.”

— Belle Rouge, Romance Junkies

“The second novel in the CARNIVAL TAROT series, KIZIAH’S READING is a story of pain and love. I absolutely loved it from the beginning to the end! With three main characters, Ms. Strong made me feel that they were real and alive. Cable and Fane are at the crossroads of their relationship where duty overpowers love. Cable’s inner struggle between his personal desires and the good of his people is both painful yet insightful. Fane may not like women as much as men but Ms. Strong does a good job illustrating his surprise at his own attraction and possessiveness towards Kiziah. I liked how Kiziah was introduced as a partner and not a means to keep them together. She is a strong woman who loves each man differently yet she understands the strength of their bond. She doesn’t want to break it but rather embraces their love. The sex is so intense whether if it was M/M, M/F, or M/M/F. It’s amazing. I can’t wait to see Ms. Strong’s plans for Domino and his mate! KIZIAH’S READING is a definite keeper for anyone who enjoys an unconventional love story.”

— Ann Lee, Just Erotic Romance Reviews

“Books like KIZIAH’S READING epitomize the reasons why I continue to read books penned by Jory Strong. It was strongly written with just the right amount of suspense. I could feel the tenderness and love of the three characters. I fell in love with both Fane and Cable, and Kiziah was a perfect fit for these two forceful, hard-loving men.”

“To say that I enjoyed this book would be an understatement. KIZIAH’S READING kept me enthralled from page one until the very last word. I loved this book tremendously and anxiously await Jory Strong’s third CARNIVAL TAROT book, DAKOTAH’S READING. It also goes without saying that I highly recommend this book to any reader. The relationship between Fane, Cable and Kiziah is forceful, hot, and tender. As a final note—just in case Cable and Fane are reading this, I have plenty of veins they can use as a backup if Kiziah ever needs a break!”

— Talia Ricci, Joyfully Reviewed

“This is the second book in the CARNIVAL TAROT series by Jory Strong. There are strong elements of male on male sex in this story. Readers who have strong aversions to male on male erotica may not read this book, and that would be a mistake. Ms. Strong deftly handles the relationship between Cable and Fane and the introduction of a woman into their lives.”

“KIZIAH’S READING is a remarkable romance that deals with the emotional requirements of a ménage in a unique manner. The sex is arousing in all its flavors. While I read erotica for the sex, I really appreciate when a great story and characters round out the experience. Cable’s, Fane’s and Kiziah’s story is one I plan on reading again and again because the emotional connection really does make the sex much better.

— Louisa Christina, Erotic-Escapades

“This was an absolutely wonderful sequel to SARAEL’S READING. We met Cable and Fane in that book and this one takes them to center stage. The feelings that these two have for each other make the m/m scenes in this books a celebration of their love and an integral part of the story. Kiziah’s inclusion in their relationship makes it a whole bonding. This was a fascinating mix of characters that balanced and supported each other. Jory Strong has done a wonderful job of introducing secondary characters that really draw your attention and make you clamor for their stories. I cannot wait to read Dominio’s story.”

— Serena, Fallen Angel Reviews

“Wow, what a story! Highly erotic and difficult to put down, KIZIAH’S READING tells the story about three people and how they end up in a relationship, and it truly works. What I loved about the book was that you could clearly see all three of them together and loving each other equally. One side was not stronger than the other, just different, and that’s what really made this story reach out and grab me. Even though Cable and Fane had been together for a long time, when Kiziah came in she brought something different to the relationship that the men didn’t know they were missing. I’ve read the first one in the series, and after reading this one I can honestly say that the series is only getting better. This book was impressive, I can’t say enough about this awesome story! It truly deserves its 5 heart rating, and I can’t wait for the next one in the series.”

— Julia, The Romance Studio

“Jory Strong follows up the first book of the CARNIVAL TAROT series with a powerful sequel. The relationship between Cable and Fane is strong but how can they be together when Fane becomes a vampire? Cable’s love for Kiziah surprises him. He wishes he could have both Fane and Kiziah. This story will tug at the heart strings. It is a story of doomed love. It is also a story of hope and extremely hot sex. I could not put this book down until I finished it. I loved it.”

— Candy, eCata Romance Reviews

“Each of the lead protagonists has many layers to be uncovered and with each new discovery, the reader is pulled deeper into the story. The sex is steamy, sometimes rough, but very arousing…For a gratifying and simply scrumptious read, get Jory Strong’s KIZIAH’S READING today.”

— Sinclair Reid, Romance Reviews Today

“This is an excellent read (with hints at future stories) for anyone who likes a really hot vampire romance.”

— Kirra Pierce, Just Erotic Romance Reviews

“A good story, with depth of character and plot, this is one hot and explicit book.”

— Sarah Silversmith, The Romance Readers Connection

“Ms. Strong will catch your attention and hold it with this smoldering vampire themed romance.”

— Sarah, A Romance Review

“A great read which will have you wanting to read the next part of the series.”

— Susanne, Cupid’s Library Reviews

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