Familiar Pleasures

Savant and Sunder are in the witch-lands searching for a wife they can share—a woman who will please them both and yet not object to the pleasure they find in each other. After six months of travel, it seems like they’re on a fool’s errand—until Savant’s snow leopard familiar catches her scent and chooses their mate for them.

For Aysa Douay it’s time to claim a familiar and seek a husband. While most women stay close to the village and take cats or songbirds as familiars, Aysa believes a falcon’s sudden appearance is a sign she’ll find her familiar in the mountains. Little does she know how right she is—and how wrong.

Please note: A previous edition of this story was published by Ellora’s Cave.

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Savant saw the flash of white as the snow leopard left its hiding place in a charge. He cursed, stumbled in his hurry to get away from the water’s edge, but it was too late. The leopard was in the air, its magnificent body stretched out, its razor-sharp claws gleaming in the sunlight.

Savant cursed again as the cat hit him, its weight and speed carrying them both backward and over the bank. There was only time enough to cast a quick spell to cushion his landing. And then the erotic, shimmering energy of Sunder washed over Savant and nearly had him coming in his trousers.

“My turn to be on top,” Sunder said, his voice a purr.

Savant looked at the exotic face above his and was momentarily lost in the gray-green eyes which had first captured him so many years ago. He’d thought he might gain a familiar when he rescued the snow leopard on that dock. Instead he had gained so much more.

“I need to get undressed,” Savant said, the cold water soaking into his clothing but doing nothing to cool the heat raging through him.

Sunder’s hips moved and Savant groaned as their cocks rubbed against each other. Sunder’s naked, his own shielded by too much fabric.

“I need to get undressed,” Savant repeated, but couldn’t stop himself from spearing his fingers through Sunder’s hair and guiding the other man’s lips to his, anxious for the feel of Sunder’s cat-rough tongue.

“You were lost in your plants again,” Sunder growled, licking across the seam of Savant’s mouth and making him moan. “You left yourself vulnerable and now I have you at my mercy.”

Savant managed a laugh despite the throbbing of his cock. It was an often-played game between them. “I was safe enough. I’m still safe enough.”

Sunder licked across the seam of Savant’s lips again. “You’re easy prey.”

“So make a meal of me,” Savant said, parting his lips and meeting Sunder’s tongue with his own as his hips bucked upward, grinding their cocks together.

Sunder grunted and deepened the kiss, his thighs forcing Savant’s apart. His hands grasped Savant’s wrists and pinned them to the bed of the shallow stream.

Wild heat rushed through Sunder, ferocious and savage. The animal instinct to exert dominance over another male was only barely tempered by the human desire to love.

It was not common for his kind to take same-sex lovers. But even nearly dead, Sunder had been drawn to Savant from the first moment he saw him. Savant’s scent had called to him, had coated his leopard’s tongue and stirred a different kind of hunger. That Savant had rescued him in his leopard form, had nursed him back to health, then transported him to a safe place and offered him freedom without knowing what Sunder truly was, had cemented their bond more surely than the blood-spell making them warlock and familiar.

Sunder made a soft sound of contentment. His tongue met Savant’s, rubbed and stroked and tasted and twined. The need to dominate was momentarily under control as he enjoyed the slide of his cock against Savant’s soft trousers, enjoyed the way Savant moaned underneath him, met his kisses and yielded.

He wouldn’t be able to play for long. He was too aroused. The edginess he’d felt since first encountering the woman’s scent, the frustration he’d experienced when he’d been unable to follow it to its source had sharpened and made him aggressive.

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“Reading FAMILIAR PLEASURES by Jory Strong is like bathing in a pool of warm chocolate liqueur; sweet to the pallet, bone melting, decadent beyond imagining and deeply satisfying. Aysa is charming, loving, loyal and strong. Savant is deliciously yummy and Sunder is mysteriously exotic and edible. The love scenes are enough to melt you into a puddle of warm satisfied gooiness. The setting is vibrant, breath taking and as exotic as the characters; the perfect stage on which to unfold this triangle of love. Ms. Strong demonstrates her knack for creating threesomes that give you the deep “warm-fuzzies” and her decided skill in making it a balanced triad where all three characters are equally dear to the reader. Die-hard fans will be well pleased that Ms. Strong has delivered yet another jewel to covet and guard. Novices to Ms. Strong’s work will get a perfect and brief introduction to what keeps her work in high demand. There is a very good reason that Ms. Strong is on my “must own anything written by” author list and FAMILIAR PLEASURES just proves that it is a very well deserved spot.”

— Keely Skillman, eCata Romance

“Jory Strong’s captivating word magic is at work again in this sensual treat. Savant and Sunder are two powerful males, but both long for another to really complete their union. That person comes in the form of the shy, demure, but equally powerful Aysa. She holds her own quite well against Savant and Sunder. The rural mountain setting provides the perfect backdrop for these three characters to explore their more primitive, carnal desires. Add in the magic enchantments of the familiar, the warlock, and the witch, and FAMILIAR PLEASURES becomes a sweeping story of erotic discovery bundled into a tightly woven literary spell.”

— Sarah W, Romance Junkies

“What an appealing approach to several themes is found in FAMILIAR PLEASURES! Jory Strong effectively weaves in shapeshifting, ménage, warlocks-witches-magic, superstition and lore. I especially appreciated that a snow leopard is the were-beast in this story, a pleasant and fascinating change from the routine were-animals. I recommend this EC Quickie as one that almost every reader will enjoy, and keep to reread.”

— TwoLips Reviews

“FAMILIAR PLEASURES is a sensual feast. There is nothing like a ménage a trois to spice up an evening. The characters are alive pulling you into their world right from the start. With the flare readers have come to crave, Jory Strong paints a vivid portrait of love, passion, and unquenchable desire.”

— Cynthia, A Romance Review

“Ms. Strong is one of my favorite authors, and this sensational story proves exactly why she is near the top of the list. This exciting tale of two men looking for a mate to enhance their lives really does it for me. Their love for each other is evident and very touching. Their concern for Aysa is heartwarming. The sex scenes are the icing on the cake. They sizzle with such vitality that I gasped for air while reading them. If you are searching for a great book with mutliple partners, hot sex, and immense emotion, then snatch up FAMILIAR PLEASURES as soon as humanly possible.”

— Susan White, Coffee Time Romance

“FAMILIAR PLEASURES is a wild tale with incredibly appealing characters and some very hot sex! Sunder and Savant have a beautiful relationship and Aysa is able to merge perfectly with them. Jory Strong is a remarkable author and she is able to bring the world of FAMILIAR PLEASURES alive.”

— Shannon, Joyfullyreviewed

“Sensuality and a sultry, erotic adventure create a fascination with FAMILIAR PLEASURES that will hold your attention from the very first page.”

— Megan, Erotic-Escapades

“FAMILIAR PLEASURES is a wonderful, imaginative story that I loved to read.”

— Lisa, Fallen Angel Reviews

“FAMILIAR PLEASURES was a pleasure to read. Jory Strong brings together a story that tantalizes all the senses and makes you hungry for more of the characters.”

— Pamela K. Kinney, Romance Divas

“Jory Strong creates a magical world of warlocks, shapeshifting, folklore, and animal familiars without letting these elements get in the way of the plot. She seamlessly ties all of these elements together beautifully without interrupting the flow of the plot. Adding in a dynamic trio of lovers is just the icing on the cake. Savant and Sunder’s scenes are quite hot, kinky, and rough on their own. Add in Aysa, and this ménage is hot enough to set the entire forest on fire.”

— Susan Kobayashi, Just Erotic Romance Reviews

“FAMILIAR PLEASURES is an engaging paranormal, part of the Autumn Animalia short story series, with strong characters, a super hot ménage, and an interesting setting.”

— Patrice, The Romance Studio

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