Trace’s Psychic

Homicide detective Trace Dilessio has always considered himself a regular meat and potatoes kind of guy-a red-blooded man who likes his women with big boobs, a nice ass, and legs that don’t stop. Aislinn Windbourne is a whole different type than what he usually goes for. And even though he hates psychics-especially those that get tangled up in police business-Trace can’t seem to fight his obsession for the delicate beauty who makes him feel both primitive and protective.

Years of being shunned in Elf-space because of her half-elf, half-human blood have made Aislinn cautious about opening her heart-until she meets Trace. He beguiles her from the start, and among Elves such a reaction usually means that a couple is destined to form a heartbond. But even as love chases away her loneliness, every time Trace rejects the magic that’s part of who she is, Aislinn fears that this human world might be every bit as painful as the one she grew up in.

Please note: A previous edition of this story was published by Ellora’s Cave.

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Goddamn, he had it bad. And if he wasn’t careful, every cop at the table was going to see it. That was the major drawback with hanging out with other detectives-observation was second nature to all of them.

It didn’t take any great detective skills to see that Aislinn was going to need some smooth handling. Trace winced as a fresh batch of erotic images flashed through his mind.

Christ. If he didn’t get her out of here soon, he was going to disgrace himself.

He was used to women opening the conversation, asking about his cases and cuddling up close to let him know they were available. He couldn’t even remember the last time he’d had to get a woman talking. If anything, he usually had the opposite problem-shutting them up.

Trace cleared his throat while his brain cells scrambled around for something to say that wouldn’t come across as an interrogation or manage to scare her off. But before he could think of something smooth, something that wouldn’t tip the other guys off to just how hungry he was for Aislinn, a slow song started playing and people wandered out to the dance floor. Aislinn’s eyes followed them. Sadness flickered across her face briefly and Trace’s heart did a little dive thinking maybe she’d just gotten out of a relationship.

Fuck. What was wrong with him tonight? She was here, which meant she was available. Period. And if she was trying to get over heartbreak, then he was her man…

Storm said, “Hey, isn’t that one of your father’s songs?”

Aislinn half smiled. “Yes. One of his last ones.”

Conner turned his attention from the delectable Tiffany. “Jessie Wolfe was your father?”

The name was vaguely familiar, but Trace couldn’t place it. His tastes ran more to country. The ballad playing reminded him of old Jethro Tull stuff.

Aislinn leaned toward Conner and something tightened in Trace’s gut at the way her eyes darkened as her attention focused on the other man. “Not many people remember him,” she said.

Conner grinned. “He was amazing. I have all five of his CDs. Play ’em at least once a month when I need inspiration.”

Miguel groaned. “I’m not sure that’s a good thing. Musical talent is a genetic thing and you were born without.”

The soft smile that Aislinn directed at Conner was like a kick in the gut to Trace. “What instrument do you play?” she asked.

The big cop actually flushed, but then he surprised the hell out of Trace by giving Aislinn a straight answer. “I do a little bit on the electric guitar, but mainly the flute, like your father.”

Aislinn said, “There was a sixth CD. It was never released.”

“Can I get a copy of it?” Conner asked, leaning so close to her that it was all Trace could do to keep himself from jerking them apart.


“Great. I’ll come by and get it.”

Uncertainty flickered across Aislinn’s face, but she nodded and something snapped inside of Trace at that thought of Conner going by Aislinn’s place. He stood up abruptly and put his hand on her arm, pulling her from the chair. “Let’s dance.”

Dylan snickered while Miguel had the nerve to laugh out loud. Both reactions rolled over Trace, barely noticed. Now that he was touching Aislinn, he was having trouble thinking at all. He wasn’t sure he was going to make it through the slow dance with her body pressed to his, but there was no way in hell that he wasn’t going to use it as an excuse to rub against her.


Yeah. That’s what he needed all right. Maybe one dance would be enough of an intro and he could haul her out to the car and do her there, or better yet, on the beach. It wasn’t his usual style, but desperate times require desperate means. His house was half an hour away and he’d be damned if he was going to go looking for a hotel room. She’d be way too skittish for that.

He pulled her onto the dance floor and into his arms, making sure that every possible inch of their bodies touched. They both tensed as soon as his erection was pressed against her soft abdomen. Trace tightened his grip around her and tried to keep from groaning at the exquisite sensation. Christ, this was incredible. He must have gone without too long. It had never been this intense before.

Trace closed his eyes and buried his face in her hair. The smell of her was just as intoxicating as the feel of her. As he stroked her back, she relaxed into him. “Yeah, feel what you do to me,” he whispered as he nuzzled her ear. She lifted her face and masculine satisfaction whipped through him at her passion-drugged expression. She’d go with him all right, and she’d be responsive when he rode her. He pulled her up against him even tighter and brought his lips down so that they hovered just above hers.

Aislinn’s heart fluttered wildly in her chest. Her body felt as though it belonged to someone else tonight-to him. It had from the moment she’d felt his gaze on her.

He was human and yet he beguiled her. Among her mother’s people such a reaction usually meant that a couple was destined to bond. Her heart opened and hope rushed in like a giant hand that might just as easily crush her as stroke her.

She knew that here among her father’s people things were different in ways that she didn’t always understand. But even knowing that, Aislinn knew that she wouldn’t be able to deny him. He called to her in a way that she couldn’t refuse.

A low growl sounded in Trace’s throat before he closed the distance and touched his lips to hers. She whimpered against his mouth and pressed more tightly against him. When his tongue pushed its way into her mouth and tangled with hers, she wanted to cry from the intimacy of it.

While she’d lived with her mother, no one had ever cuddled or held her, not even in friendship. She’d been an outcast for so many years, separated by her impure blood. It had left her vulnerable and cautious. That caution had followed her when she was cast from Elven-space.

Until now, she had not wanted to risk herself with any of the men she’d met. Trace’s nearness, his warmth and heated embrace were a battering ram against her fragile defenses. Aislinn moved her tongue against his, following his lead as her body prepared itself for him.

The music faded into a fast song. Trace kept her close for several long seconds before ending the kiss and guiding her from the dance floor and out of the building.

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“TRACE’S PSYCHIC is part murder mystery, part love story, part fantasy-and all hot. Strong characters make for a very enjoyable read.”

— Jill Brager, Romantic Times Book Club

“TRACE’S PSYCHIC is a fast-paced paranormal romance. The suspense and drama keep you on the edge of your seat. I couldn’t wait to see how Ms. Strong dealt with the blinders that Trace insisted on keeping for most of the story. Aislinn’s feelings of being an outcast will tug your heartstrings. The intense emotional drama that these two go through is magical. Not to mention the intense love scenes that Ms. Strong pens will have you cranking up the air conditioning. TRACE’S PSYCHIC is a must read for those who love their sex peppered with the paranormal.”

— Joletta Hill, The Road to Romance

“TRACE’S PSYCHIC is an action-packed paranormal romance that is scorching in its erotic intensity. This doesn’t mean that Ms. Strong neglects the plot line in favor of the romance because, rest assured readers, she doesn’t. The mystery surrounding the dying psychics is scary and intense. It will have you on the edge of your seat.

“Ms. Strong pens a fantastic tale of lust and fear. Though Trace wants to keep Aislinn protected and cosseted in his house, Aislinn isn’t about to stand by and let her friends and colleagues be murdered without trying to do her part. As strong and domineering as Trace is, Aislinn proves to be his equal in cunning and caring. You won’t want to miss this story!”

If you haven’t read anything by Jory Strong before, TRACE’S PSYCHIC will prove to be a most exciting journey into the paranormal.”

— Sarah, A Romance Review

“Jory Strong’s, TRACE’S PSYCHIC, is a supernatural blend of psychic power and police thriller. It is mystery, suspense, romance and magic, all rolled into one paranormal treat.”

— Tammy, Love Romances!

“SUPERNATURAL BONDS: TRACE’S PSYCHIC was great! I’ll be waiting impatiently for the next in the series, if only so I can see more of the secondary characters. Trace was as intense, dominating, and Alpha as the best of them. He was so hot, I could barely stand it while reading.”

— Dani Jacquel, Just Erotic Romance Reviews

“TRACE’S PSYCHIC is an engaging story with characters that will have readers clamoring for more.”

— Jennifer Bishop, Romance Reviews Today

“TRACE’S PSYCHIC is a solid base on which to build a future of good erotic paranormal fiction. I look forward to more from this author and hope this will turn into a series of tales as pleasurable to read as I found this one to be.”

— Johnna Flores, Coffee Time Romance

“Jory Stong is a new author to me, and I can hardly bear to wait for the next one. Her books may be an automatic pick ups for me from now on – the one I’ve read so far is a real keeper.”

— Frauke, Mon Boudoir

“TRACE’S PSYCHIC is a thrilling and erotic journey of love and acceptance. Sparks fly when Trace and Aislinn discover a love with magic of it’s own.”

— Susan Biliter, eCataRomance Reviews

“I love paranormal books and this one is certainly worth the time. Trace is a tough cop who has a chip on his shoulder and skeptical attitude toward the paranormal. Aislinn is a wonderful sensitive heroine, who doesn’t have a problem believing in psychics or anything paranormal. This couple is perfect together and the love scenes are totally hot, so keep some ice handy. This is the first book at Ellora’s Cave for Jory Strong and she is off to a great start. I will certainly be looking for her books in the future.”

— Angel Brewer, The Romance Studio

“After reading TRACE’S PSYCHIC, I will be on the lookout for more great stories from this fantastic author, that’s for sure!”

— Julie, Fallen Angel Reviews

“TRACE’S PSYCHIC was just an awesome read for me. It hit on all the great points that make a wonderful story. There was nothing that I did not like about this story but that I wish it could have gone on and on. Anyone that loves a good Psychic, mystery and sexy love story go and buy TRACE’S PSYCHIC.”

— Nicole, Enchanted In Romance

“TRACE’S PSYCHIC by Jory Strong is a unique and powerful tale filled with passion, magic, action and adventure. I was truly mesmerized by Trace and Aislinn. I found myself eagerly turning the pages to read their outcome hoping Trace and Aislinn would find away to overcome the numerous obstacles thrown in their path. Ms. Strong did a terrific job of creating many twists and turns that held my interest until the very end.

“Oh yeah…needless to say their sexual encounters were frequent and scorching hot! Trace and Aislinn couldn’t keep their hands off of each other. This novel is extremely erotic and definitely not for the faint of heart. I highly recommend this read for anyone who is the mood for a great sexual journey.”

— Contessa, Romance Junkies

“I loved this book. I’m a sucker for a story where the mains just have to keep trying to work it out. Throw in some concerned friends, murder, some of the most erotically written lovemaking as well as some good down and dirty sex, and you get a read that starts out good and gets better.”

— TJ book-list,

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