December 12th, 2012
Dragon Master

“We’re too late,” Nisien said, speeding up as Jubal cursed the Fates for making things so difficult. A few moments sooner…

A growl vibrated in his chest, though it was sheer madness to torment himself with images of any other male having touched his mate. He understood now why the ancients had always preferred virgin sacrifices when it came to the females offered to them by villagers who hoped to avoid having their homes and barns razed to the ground by dragon fire.

The door opened and Summer disappeared into the club. A moment later Nisien screeched to a halt with enough force to rock the rare automobile it had taken Jubal over a year to acquire.

He didn’t care. No treasure could compare to that of a mate. Nothing in his vast hoard would ever hold his interest as thoroughly as Summer.

He exited the car, her name pulsing through him, not flash fire but a continuous wave of molten desire and heated determination. He’d claim her this night. Mate with her so she’d never doubt who she belonged to.

The door to the club was opened for him. Need slammed into Jubal at being only strides away from her, at encountering lingering traces of her scent. She smelled like moonlight and—

His lips pulled back on a barely suppressed growl of unadulterated rage. She wore another man’s clothes, the fine material saturated with another’s scent.

Red edged his vision. Fury pounded in his head and chest like a primitive drumbeat.

It took the entirety of his will not to order her to strip, though had he done so, he doubted she could comply before he reached out and ripped the offending garment off. He choked back dragon flame, breathed deeply lest smoke escape flared nostrils.

She knew the woman working behind the counter as well. It was there in the casual way she leaned against the beautifully crafted wooden barrier.

“Normally I’d let you in, Summer,” the woman said. “In a heartbeat. But tonight’s a semi-private event. No guest memberships, even for unclaimed subs. Word came down that there were already enough of them on the floor. My advice, hang out here in the lobby. Some master who’s a member will snap you up and take you in.”

“That master will be me,” Jubal said, satisfaction blazing through him at seeing his intended tremble in reaction to his claim, at scenting the way she’d become aroused at the sound of his voice.

She turned, and he was the one who nearly went down on his knees in a gesture of supplication.