February 25th, 2018
Fetching Analia

“You have got to be kidding me,” Kellen said at seeing the white unicorn leave a long scratch along the side of a silver BMW.

He had places to go, women to fuck, and now this. This!

And oh yeah, he saw exactly how this was going to go down. Barking, biting, chasing—not that he minded a good chase, but risking having his jaw broken and his canine teeth knocked out because a sorcerer just couldn’t help himself…

Kellen growled, a low, deep sound that was nearly identical to the one he would have made in his hound form.

A hundred feet in front of him, the aggravated unicorn lunged, impaling a tire in an attempt to get at the dog, a brindle boxer with floppy ears, that cowered beneath the vehicle.

The tire deflated in a hiss. The dog whined and trembled so hard that Kellen felt for the animal. Poor beast’s only crime was going into the backyard for his little person’s birthday party.

Wrong place, wrong time, not unlike himself. If he’d already made it to the night club…

He’d still have been called out since his other form wouldn’t alarm the humans. Taine, standing next to him, sure as hell couldn’t shed his human skin and become a dragon. Though a stream of fire directed at the party responsible… And barbequed unicorn…

Both appealed to Kellen.

“Sorcerers,” Taine muttered. “Just when you think you’ve seen it all…”

“Yeah, just when.”

On the other side of the BMW, another unicorn blocked the dog’s escape route while casting a wary glance at them. The animals weren’t any more intelligent than horses when pulled into the human realm, they were just deadlier. And contrary to the rainbows, butterflies and hearts that seemed to make it into human depictions of unicorns, haul them unwillingly into a different realm—especially this human world where their horns and magic gave them an advantage—and they weren’t going to be sweet, loving or docile.

Kellen’s keen hearing enabled him to catch the sound of a sports car approaching at illegal speed.

“Finally,” Taine said on a relieved sigh, also hearing the car, and shifting from one foot to the other as he did his best not to notice the women pushing their chests out each time they peeled their attention away from the unicorns or Kellen and focused on him. Apparently being mated to Saffron didn’t lessen the dragon’s appeal to humans.

A brunette’s gaze caught Kellen’s. She licked her lips, her eyes sliding downward to the front of his jeans.
Beneath the material, his cock twitched but didn’t start to fill until he thought about the scent he’d encountered days ago, a combination of woman and magic that’d entranced him while he was patrolling the All Things Supernatural Fair in his hound form.

Uneasiness shimmered through him at the strength of the compulsion that came with that memory. Days later and he still wanted to hunt the source of that scent and look at her with human eyes, touch her with human hands, push into her with a human—