February 7th, 2012
Inked Magic

Cathal’s gut told him he was looking at Etaín and his dick told him he wanted her like he hadn’t wanted a woman in a long, long time, maybe ever. He should have swung by Sean McAlister’s boat and set the cop-turned-private investigator onto finding the leverage necessary to gain Etaín’s cooperation. Because despite his father saying this could be simple, he didn’t think it was going to be, though taking her to bed as a way of persuading her had moved to the top of his list. Having her beneath him, his cock buried to the hilt in wet heat, would drown out the voice of conscience. He’d worry about the consequences later.

He opened the door and walked into the shop. There was no point in bullshitting about getting a tattoo. He didn’t want one. Never had, never would.

He wondered if she was heavily tattooed beneath the long-sleeved shirt and the jeans that hugged her ass and legs, and whether it would matter when he stripped her out of them, if seeing ink-decorated skin would make him lose interest. By the time he got to the counter he knew the answer was no.

Up close, the full impact sent a lightning bolt straight through his chest and down to his dick. Dark, dark eyes reminded him of a wild, untamed forest and made his heart race in a primal beat having everything to do with conquest and nothing to do with fear.

“Can I help you?”

“I’m Cathal Dunne.”

He offered his hand, wanting the touch as much as he needed to get her someplace where he could begin his campaign.

There was a slight hesitation before she reached across the counter, confirming something for him with the first sight of ink. The stylized eye on her palm didn’t turn him off. It sent a wave of heat along the surface of his skin as he imagined her hand touching his chest, sliding downward over his belly as if she could see what he needed, what he wanted, and intended to give it to him.

“Etaín,” she said and he noted the lack of a last name.

He captured her hand instead of shaking and releasing it. She didn’t pull away, didn’t try to hide her reaction to the chemistry between them. It was there in her expression, in eyes that seemed even darker than they had moments earlier. In wetted lips parted just enough to invite a kiss and fuel more carnal fantasies.