May 27th, 2009
Zoe’s Gift

If humans had appealed to the Fallon, it soon became obvious to Iden that those on this planet were equally draw to the Amato and Vesti descendents of the Fallon. Even with their wings transmuted into unseen particles by the Ylan stones, every step was a battle. Men and women alike found a reason to stop them, some offering sex with a subtle glance or touch, others with bold words and equally bold hands.

Iden took it in stride and found immense enjoyment in watching Miciah confront what he least wanted to confront, the dual nature of his sexuality. Had Zoë known what awaited her, their mate couldn’t have picked a better place for them to meet for the first time and explore what they would soon mean to each other. There was an openness here, an atmosphere of celebration and experimentation and acceptance Iden doubted would easily be found elsewhere.

He grinned when a young male wearing eye make-up and extremely tight pants approached Miciah. But rather than let the scene play out, he spared the boy and used the moment to reinforce a message.

“He’s with me,” Iden said, closing the small distance between he and Miciah so their bare arms touched.

Desire surged between them, as it had from their very first meeting. Miciah tensed but didn’t pull away. Progress, Iden thought, satisfied for now.

Miciah’s stomach tightened into a knot even as his cock pulsed at the contact of skin against skin. He felt as though he’d been dipped in one of the lava pools found on the jungle planet of Farini, yet at the same time, he felt speared by ice.

Was his willingness to couple with another male so obvious? Had some barrier hiding the nature of his sexuality fallen when Iden forced him to admit the truth of what their relationship would be if Zoë was accepting of it?

Never had he been approached with such confidence and propositioned so blatantly by members of his own sex. It was disconcerting, terrifying if he allowed himself to worry at what it meant for his return to Belizair.

He pushed forward, noting how yet another human squinted, though the sun had long since disappeared and it was very nearly full dark. He thought back to how often he’d glimpsed a surprised, disbelieving expression as he and Iden passed, as if their wings were visible, at least for an instant, until human minds hid them as something that couldn’t exist.

Such a reaction indicated the presence of Fallon genes and there seemed to be a higher percentage of them here, among those with an artistic nature, than in the general population. Relief poured into Miciah then as he desperately latched on to the reason he’d been propositioned so many times by men. They were drawn to him because he, too, was a descendant of the Fallon, and not because they’d guessed at his fantasies of Iden.

Miciah relaxed and made a note to himself to speak with Jeqon about his observations. Bounty hunters should be sent to gatherings like this one. There could be dozens of matches…

Worry returned in a rush, of a different nature. Despite the desperate situation on Belizair, integrating large numbers of humans all at one time risked adding to the already increased tensions. Change to their world needed to be controlled. It—

Enough, Iden said, the word slicing across Miciah’s thoughts. If I were to guess I’d say you’re consumed with deliberations regarding the fate of Belizair. Forget your duties as a Council member while we are on this planet. Forming a mate-bond should take precedence. No one will fault you or judge you for focusing all of your attention on what we are trying to build for ourselves. Do you want Zoë to believe she is only a means to an end and has no value in her own right, if she’ll have us at all?

Denial screamed through Miciah—both at the thought she’d reject them and the possibility she would believe they didn’t want her for herself. Upon seeing her image he’d nearly dropped to his knees as heat surged through him with the stirring of the Vesti mating fever. When they finally reached her, it would take all his control not to pounce.

You are correct. From this moment on, I will close my mind to thoughts of Belizair or my duties there.

Good, Iden said, but his reply was lost in a roar of lust as they pushed through the last of the standing humans and glimpsed Zoë in the distance, kneeling as she unrolled a blanket and smoothed it flat on the sandy desert floor.

Need such as Miciah had never known shot through his cock like a lightning strike. A growl escaped before he could stop it when Iden moved forward purposely, his attention completely focused on Zoë.

Primitive urges assailed Miciah, the Vesti need to fight any rival who would lay claim to a chosen female. He struggled against the desire to a place himself between Zoë and Iden, to warn Iden away from her then take her to place where he could mount her repeatedly and possess her thoroughly, until his name was the only one imprinted on her heart and soul and body.

Are you coming? Iden purred into his mind.

With the words came an image of the two of them taking Zoë at the same time. It was enough to deflect the seething possessiveness brought on by the Vesti mating fever, turning it into a violent need to be inside her, his cock rubbing against Iden’s as the three of them became one.

Yes, Miciah said, easily catching up to Iden and matching him stride for stride as they maneuvered their way around couples and groups of humans sitting and lying on blankets, some of them engaged in the very activity Miciah planned to be doing shortly, lovemaking.

His jaws clenched against the need to immediately press his mouth to the tender spot at the base of her neck and let his mating teeth finally slip out of their hidden sheaths for the first time in his life. He shuddered in anticipation of the heightened pleasure that would occur at the moment of climax, when the serum making a female easy to track and that had once helped bring about pregnancy in the Vesti, would flow through his fangs. His hands fisted and unfisted as he imagined piercing her, both with his cock and his mating teeth, sinking into her body and marking her with his scent and his bite.

As if sensing their presence and their carnal intent, Zoë glanced up. Miciah felt the impact as their eyes met.

His heart thundered in his chest. His cock screamed in protest when her attention shifted to Iden.

“Exquisite,” Iden murmured, lust coiling in his belly and snaking down through his shaft until each step was sweet torture.

He’d known on Belizair that she was the one he wanted to bond with. But even knowing it, he hadn’t anticipated her true effect on him. Desire such as he’d never known crashed through him, opening a place only she would be able fill.

“We won’t leave her side until she agrees to return home with us,” Miciah said, his voice holding the unwavering resolve of a Vesti in the grip of the mating fever.

“Agreed. She is ours to pleasure and protect.”

There was no turning back now.